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Do I really need another newsletter?
What’s in this one anyway?

Of course you don’t. But if you’ve enjoyed any of my work before (from e-books, products, education, 1:1 work, classes etc), I think you’ll really enjoy this newsletter.

My goal with the newsletter is to help you feel calm + empowered in your kitchen, and to help connect some dots between what we do in our kitchens and what happens outside of them.

Like the miscellaneous drawer in my kitchen, this newsletter will have a little bit of everything— recipes, essays, helpful ideas, interviews, and more all about building household economy, working with your hands, book recommendations and more.


What do I get as a free subscriber?

At least one newsletter in your inbox every week. You will also get something useful like an essay, a recipe, or a reflection on something I do often in the kitchen that makes my day-to-day life easier.

So why would I bother paying?

Great question! There are a few reasons. First, it’s a quick and easy way to support me + my work (and for that, I thank you).

Second, it’s a great investment in independent writing.

Third, you will get exclusive content like extra recipes and access to more in-depth projects in food exploration, experimentation, history and more.

Fourth, you will be part of the a bigger goal- being part of a conversation and able to comment on posts and engage with me and other people in the Everyday Commonplace Community.

Okay, I’m happy to pay— how much is it?

$5/month or $50/year.
If you’re feeling extra generous, you can be a Founding Member which is $100 (or any amount over that: thank you).

Once I subscribe (free or paid!), how will I get your newsletter?

Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. You won’t have to worry about missing anything

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