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Health Intake Form

Please complete and return the Client Intake Form a minimum of 48 hours before your first session so that I have to prepare. Traditionally in intake occurs during the appointment, but I like to get a head start so that we can get right into things and maximize our time together.


Payment is required to secure your appointment. If there is an issue with fees, please let me know so we can discuss options before proceeding. If you didn’t submit payment at time of booking, you can send via PayPal  ( . Checks payable to Jasprit Bhuee are also accepted at the start of session. Please let me know if this is your preferred method.

In-Person Sessions


Honour The Temple location is: 336 Eagle St N, Cambridge, ON N3H 1C2 ( currently not available - sessions online only)

Virtual Sessions

All online appointments take place via Zoom or Phone . If a link will be sent to you one day prior to your booked session. If you are not longer able to connect at the selected time, please reschedule a minimum of 24 hours beforehand, as per the cancellation policy.


Make a Commitment

You are the most important part of this experience! And, 70% of reaching your desired outcome is the commitment you bring to this process: 30% is the skills, information and tools I bring to the table. So that you get the most out of our time together, make these appointments a priority, and as best you can, create the space needed to integrate whatever unfolds.

Have an Open Mind

You know where you want to go with your health, and I am here to support that! The pathway from where you are now and what you envision may be exactly what you thought, or something unexpected and new. I will not ask you to do anything you either dislike or find unsustainable, but I do invite you try things a few times before deciding whether it is, or isn’t, for you. Who knows, you may be surprised!

Read, and then Reread Session Notes

After each session I will send you a summary and a detailed plan for the week ahead. From time to time reviewing both  the session summaries and any other attachments is a great way to deepen your understanding and celebrate your growth.

Arrive on Time, But Not Too Early

I appreciate all efforts to be ready and to make the most of your in-person appointments. That said, in-person sessions take place in a busy clinic so please don’t arrive too early. It may interrupt another client’s experience. 

For Your Comfort

Wear cozy socks or bring a layer.  Your physical comfort is an important aspect of our work together. Same for online sessions! Please find a quiet space where you can relax and tune in.


This is time you are taking to connect with yourself and invest in your own health.


When approached with a sense of childlike curiosity and wonder, the process can be one that helps you feel more connected, harmonious, present and joyful. All the while, I will meet you where you are, as you are, with my full presence, warmth and support.

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